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Come learn from the best!! The Spirit Athletics Staff consists of some of the most experienced and passionate members of the Cheerleading and Dance Industry. More awesome Staff Members are always being added. Contact us if you are interested in being a part of what we are trying to build here at Spirit Athletics! 

Staff - 1 to 10 of 10


Ryan McGovern


We opened up Spirit Athletics in May of 2011 after years of having a deep passion for this sport. My wife and I felt we had something to offer to the growth of cheerleading in the Tri State Area, and we wanted to share our love for the sport with the athletes and families in the area. It has been a tremendous experience becoming a part of these kids' lives and watching them grow into the athletes they are now.  

*Owner of Spirit Athletics
Former Member of The National Championship Program at Morehead State
*Coached the National Champion All Girl Team at Morehead State
*National Collegiate Partner Stunt Finalist
*Coached at The Collegiate Level at Both The University of Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky University
*Has Worked With Some of The Very Top High School Teams in the Country Including Greenup County and Pikeville
*Served Several Years as a USASF Certified Safety Judge
*USASF Credentialed in All Areas Through Level 5
*Former Member of The UCA High School, and College Staff
*Original Member of The VROC! Staff (Varsity Remarkable Original Choreography)

*Former Member of The Multiple Time National Championship Program at Snead State


Jenna McGovern


*Owner at Spirit Athletics
*Has Accumulated Countless National Titles as an All Star Cheerleader
*Competed at The 2006, '07 USASF
*Bronze Medalist at The 2007 USASF Cheerleading Worlds in The Level 5 Large Senior Coed Category
*Former Member of The National Championship Coed Cheer Program at Morehead State
*Three Year Member ofThe UCA National Championship Program at The University of Kentucky
*Has been a Member of the Internationl Open Coed 6 Team at Spirit Athletics For The Past 3 Years and Competed at Worlds Each of Those Years

*Bachelors Degree in Nursing From The University of Kentucky


Daniel Gallaway


*Member of the 2009 and 2010 University of Kentucky Championship Blue Squad
*Finished 2nd and 4th at UCA College Nationals with the University of Tennessee
*Competed at Worlds twice with Spirit Athletics Revolution (IOC5 and IOC6)
*Featured on the Inside Cheerleading Magazine All-America Collegiate Team
*5 Year UCA Staff member
*Won the 2004 GHSAA 5A State Championship with Duluth High School
*Competed as a Gymnast through Level 8
Finished 7th in the GHSAA 5A Diving Championships
Teaches Stunt Clinics with The Cheerleader Magazine (TCLM)


Zana Harman


Zana has been a member of Spirit Athletics since our inaugural season. She started as an athlete, but quickly took to helping coach our younger teams. She is always a favorite here with the athletes. Zana is one of the most all around talented cheerleaders in the country, and has inspired many of the athletes here at Spirit Athletics to strive to reach their very best.


Brandon Garvey


*Has Countless National Championships as an All Star Cheerleader
*Bronze Medalist at The USASF World Cheerleading Championships
*Former Member of the Multiple Time National Championship Program at Morehead State
*Current Member and Head Instructor forThe UCA Staff
*Current Coach at Northern Kentucky University
*Represented UCA at the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England
*Three Time Member of The International Open Coed 6 Team Here at Spirit Athletics
*Elementary School Teacher

Meaghan Huffman



We are always looking for more passionate, and qualified coaches!


If you are interested in becoming part of the staff at Spirit Athletics, please contact us at info@spiritathleticsgym.com!