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Classes - 1 to 9 of 9

icon June Fastpass & Team Placements

June Fastpass Schedule

All FastPass Classes will max out at 9 athletes. Athletes will be permitted to sign up for one tumbling class per week & a max of 3 additional classes per week. Sign ups will be done via a Google Doc shared amongst all enrolled. If you can not attend a class you have previously signed up for, please remove your name. Any open classes as of 8 am each day can me signed up for by anyone, even if it exceeds your max amount of classes for the week.


10-10:50 level 1 tumbling (Coach Ali)
11:10-12 jumps & conditioning (Coach Ali)
3-3:50 jumps & conditioning (Coach Ali)
4:10-5 choreography (Coach Ali)
6-6:50 level 3 tumbling (Coach Nicole)
7:10-8 Drills drills drills (Coach Nicole)


10-10:50 level 2 tumbling (Coach Ali)
11:10-12 choreography (Coach Ali)
3-3:50 level 4 tumbling (Coach Nicole)
4:10-5 jumps & conditioning (Coach Nicole)
6-6:50 level 5 tumbling (Coach yelton)
7:10-8 Level 6 tumbling (Coach yelton)


10-10:50 level 1 tumbling (Coach Ali)
11:10-12 jumps & conditioning (Coach Ali)
3-3:50 jumps & conditioning (Coach Ali)
4:10-5 choreography (Coach Ali)
6-6:50 level 3 tumbling (Coach Nicole)
7:10-8 Drills drills drills (Coach Nicole)


10-10:50 level 2 tumbling (Coach Ali)
11:10-12 choreography (Coach Ali)
5-5:45 evaluations (Coaches)
6-6:45 evaluations (Coaches)
7-7:45 evaluations (Coaches)
8-8:45 evaluations (Coaches)


9-9:50 level 1/2 tumbling (Coach yelton)
10:10-11 level 3/4 tumbling (Coach yelton)
11:15-12:15 level 5/6 tumbling (Coach yelton)

icon General Class Information

We have recently revamped, and restructured our Tumbling Class Program to better serve our students. Please read the information provided below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@spiritathleticsgym.com.

* All classes are now broken down into sessions. Sessions vary from 7-12 weeks depending on the calendar. 
*The cost for the traditional tumbling classes is $120 per 8 week session. 

*A $35 Membership fee will be charged annually on January 1st, or upon Registering at a later date.
*If you are enrolling in more than one class per student, there will be a 50% savings applied to each additional class for that student
*Additional siblings enrolling in classes will recieve a 20% discount
*If you enroll in a class mid session, the session will be pro rated for the weeks that have been missed
*Prior to any student enrolling or participating in a class, online registration MUST be complete. 


icon Young Tumblers

Young Tumblers

This Class is designed for young children ages 3-8 years.

The classes will focus on the fundamentals for your child to develop a strong foundation in technique, all while maintaining a fun and positive environment.  

Requirements – Child must be 3 years old

Class Objective – Develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and body control

Focus – Basic motor skills and coordination, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels

 Classes are held Monday 5-6, Wednesday 6-7 and Thursday 5-6 

icon Beginner Tumbling

Beginner Tumbling

Beginner Tumbling focuses on the fundamentals that will ensure your athlete a strong future. These classes will focus on hand stands, cartwheels, as well as front, back walk overs and back-handsprings. These classes are designed to be educational as well as fun in order to fuel the love for tumbling amongst these new athletes.   

Requirements – None

Class Objective – Increase flexibility, upper body strength, and overall coordination in preparation for Level 2

Focus –  handstands, bridge kick over, cartwheels, round-off, back walk-overs, front walk-overs and back-handsprings 

Classes are held for ages 9 and under Monday 6-7, Tuesday 5-6, Wednesday 7-8 and Thursday 6-7 

Classes are held for ages 9 and up Tuesday 5-6 and Wednesday 6-7 

icon Intermediate Tumbling


This class will contine to focus on strengthening, and perfecting the round-off back hand-spring series. Focusing on the upper and lower body will also continue, with an increased emphasis on strengthening the core. The athlete will be introduced to back tucks, front tucks, and performing combinations of jumps to standing back hand-spring series.

Requirements – Round off back handspring series without spot and evaluation from Spirit Athletics Staff required

Class Objective – Reinforcing Level 2 objectives while learning and perfecting the back tuck and back handspring series to back tuck

Focus – Back tuck, front tuck, series to tuck, specialty passes

 Classes are held Monday 7-8, Tuesday 6-7, and Thursday 7-8 

icon Advanced Tumbling

Advanced Tumbling/Level 4 & 5

This class will focus on mastering the Layout & Full Twist while being introduced to more advanced skills such as whips, arabians, double fulls, and combination passes ending with fulls, and double fulls. Jumps to standing tuck, and jumps to standing handsprings to full twists will be worked on as well. Technique will constantly be critiqued and improved, and conditioning will also be emphasized.

Requirements – Layout and evaluation from Spirit Athletics required

Class Objective – Learning and perfecting more advanced tumbling skills

Focus – Layouts, Full Twist, Double Full

 Classes are held Monday 7-8, Tuesday 6-7, and Thursday 7-8 

icon Boys Tumbling

Classes are held Thursday from 4-5pm 

icon Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be scheduled for one on one attention from the staff member of your choice. Email info@spiritathleticsgym.com to book. Cost is $30 per half hour for a tumbling private, and $40 per half hour for a stunting private. 

icon Birthday Parties

Join us for a Fun & Unique Birthday Experience! 

All Parties Include a Party Host & Two Full Hours of Open or Instructed Gym Time as well as Time for Snacks & Presents! 

Cost - $250

Email us Today to Reserve Yours!